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Credit Exchange with Korea Aerospace University for Spring 2020

  • Academic Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2020-02-14
1.Guide for Credit Exchange.pdf 1-1. 2020학년도 1학기 학점교류 수강안내문.hwp 2. 한국항공대학교 수강신청자 추천 양식.xlsx 2-1. 개인정보 활용동의서 및 제3자 제공에 따른 고지.hwp 3.Application for Course Change(Drop) in Other University_Name(Student ID).doc 4. 2020학년도 1학기 일반대학원 개설과목 현황(한국항공대학교 학점교류).pdf

We notify the details on the Credit Exchange with Korea Aerospace University for Spring 2020 as below.


- Below -


A. How to apply: fill out the application form [attached file 2, 2-1] and apply via email to ctl@ust.ac.kr

  * [Attached file 2] application for course taking


B. Period of submission : ~ Feb. 21th(Fri.). 14:00 pm

  * Any request for course application will NOT be accepted after the period above.


C. Keep in Mind

  a. Students MUST read all the attached files[1 & 1-1] and complete all the tasks on the guides. If you miss any of the tasks on the guides, you can not earn any credit.

  b. We don't support translation.

  c. Every University is subject to different rules and process about credit exchange.

  d. In case of course retaking, please contact UST academic affairs team before apply.


D. Inquiry: Academic Affairs Team (ctl@ust.ac.kr)
* Please contact to the collaborative universities to get more information and exact confirmation