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[Call for Proposals] 2017 UST Overseas Honorary Ambassador Project

  • International Student Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2017-04-28
[Call for Proposals] 2017 UST Overseas Honorary Ambassador Project.pdf [Form] Proposal for 2017 UST Overseas Honorary Ambassador Project.docx

This is the International Student Affairs Team.

We are pleased to announce the call for proposals for the 2017 UST Overseas Honorary Ambassador Project as below.




 o The alumni that have a degree from UST and reside in other countries propose various PR activities aimed at attracting outstanding students from overseas. After a screening process, the best proposals are selected for monetary support by UST in order to attract the best talents from different countries. Since the proposals are based on the perspectives of knowledgeable alumni who are well-informed regarding the affairs of the country that he/she resides, this method can be effective as well as efficient for recruiting the talented students in various nations.


Qualification for Application
 o UST non-Korean alumni meeting all of the following criteria at the time of submitting the application can apply for the project:
  - Those who have obtained a master's degree or Ph.D. from UST
  - Those who are working as a full-time employee in an overseas organization
   · The PR activities will be conducted in the country where the organization is located.
  - Those who can visit UST in November to present the results of the project


□ Project Allowance
 o KRW 6 million or less

  - Kindly check the attached guidelines.


□ Content of Proposal
 o Plans on UST admission promoting activities for 4 months (Jul. 24 ~ Nov. 17) to attract talented students from overseas countries

  - Kindly check the attached guidelines.


□ Submission of Proposal
 o Submission Period: By 18:00 Korean Time (GMT+9), May 26 (Fri), 2017
 o Length: 5 pages or less in A4-sized paper (excluding a cover page and attached document)
 o Submit to : pje@ust.ac.kr
  - A copy of employment certificate must be attached when submitting the proposal.


□ Selectee Announcement
 o Date: 18:00 Korean Time (GMT+9), June 26 (Mon), 2017


□ Inquiry
 o Administrator: Ji Eun Park
 o Department: International Student Affairs Team
 o E-mail: pje@ust.ac.kr
 o Tel: +82-42-865-2413



Please find the attached guidelines for details.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Thank you.


Best Wishes,

International Student Affairs Team