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“My TV Appearance Was a Gift to My Family”

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“My TV Appearance Was a Gift to My Family”의 대표사진

My Global Friend

“My TV Appearance Was a Gift to My Family”

Manh The Nguyen (Vietnam, UST-KRISS Campus)

May in Korea is a month for gratitude, when both Parents’ Day and Teachers’ Day are celebrated. Koreans express their gratitude to their parents and teachers with flowers and gifts. This year, Manh The Nguyen from Vietnam was able to present a very special gift to those cheering him on back home.

Vietnamese Student on Korean News

The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science distributed a press release to news companies around the nation in early May, reporting that a team of their researchers had developed a more advanced freeform surface 3D measurement technology. This technology allows advanced freeform surface components, which are key to products such as flexible displays and secondary batteries, to be inspected rapidly regardless of their size or shape.

Optical components with complex curved surfaces are very often used in the latest offerings in consumer electronics such as foldable phones and VR devices. The high precision structures are not just round or flat like those in traditional components, and thus inspection for defects in the production process is both time consuming and costly. However, existing technologies were unable to achieve the nanometer level precision required by freeform surfaces, nor could such technologies be used to conduct inspections in real time.

해양 이미지1Car body measurement with robot arm

해양 이미지1

해양 이미지2

Manh The Nguyen, a 3rd year Ph.D. student at the UST-KRISS Campus, together with his academic advisor, Dr. Ghim Young-sik of the KRISS Space Optics Team, have developed technology for precise inspection of a wide range of component surfaces using just a single image. Not only is this technology capable of nanometer-level precision, it is also ready for direct industrial application thanks to its simplicity of process and methods.

해양 이미지3

The paper reporting this breakthrough was published in the international journal “Scientific Reports”, and the technology was transferred to an optical technology firm for fast track commercialization. This was how Manh came to be interviewed by YTN, the leading news channel in Korea, as the lead author of the groundbreaking paper.

   “It was amazing to see myself on Korean news. I told my friends and family back in Vietnam through social media, and they were all impressed and delighted. Above all, I was proud to give this special gift to my family.”

해양 이미지4Family Rose garden

“Goal is to Start Advanced Technology Firm…Contributing to the Lives of Many”

Manh’s hometown is Hai Duong, the granary of Vietnam located in the North. It is a key export rice and thanh ha lychee producing area, located close to the UNESCO world heritage site Ha Long Bay.

Recently, advanced industrial complexes have been moving into the region in line with the government’s industrial development policy. Manh graduated from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology and was working at Samsung Electronics in Vietnam when he decided to pursue further studies abroad. He wanted to carve out a special niche for himself in the world of technology. Korea was his number 1 choice, as he was well aware of its technological advancements, some of which he witnessed at company workshops. In addition, glowing recommendations from his friends who had returned from their studies at UST made his decision an easy one.

내성적이던 소녀, 이젠 '신약 개발' 선두주자로의 사진6

내성적이던 소녀, 이젠 '신약 개발' 선두주자로의 사진5

“My work back in Vietnam was related to algorithm development, and mathematical knowledge has been very useful in the field of advanced measurement technology that I am currently studying. After finishing my doctorate, I want to gain more experience in Korea before going back to Vietnam to start my own technology firm. It is my dream to contribute to my country and the lives of many by becoming an entrepreneur.”

Since leaving his loved ones in Vietnam three years ago, Manh has formed his own family in Korea, with his wife, a Korean interpreter, and a child who is already two years old. Let’s hope Korea continues to reward him with rich blessings, as he sows his seeds both in research and in life.

해양 이미지42018 Kriss year end party