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MOU Signing between UST and the Kazakhstan Center for International Programs (CIP)

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MOU Signing between UST and the Kazakhstan Center for International Programs (CIP)의 대표사진

MOU Signing between UST and the Kazakhstan Center for International Programs (CIP) 

 The Korean University for Science and Technology (UST) and the Kazakhstan Center for International Programs (CIP) signed an MOU on July 23 to promote exchange in the areas of education and research.

 Founded in 1993, CIP is an agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Science that operates overseas training and education programs. It supports programs like the Bolashak project, which offers outstanding individuals opportunities to train overseas, thus aligning with the Kazakh government’s mission of using government spending to foster national expertise.

 In April 2018, UST representatives visited CIP and other educational institutes in Kazakhstan to discuss areas for collaboration in research and methods for academic exchange. This was done to fulfill UST’s role as a national research university, also to strengthen strategies for internationalization under the New Northern Policy. As a result, UST and CIP held the official MOU signing ceremony on July 23, agreeing on cooperative efforts in various areas, including the development of educational programs and exchange of relevant experience; the development of joint educational programs; and support for universities in Kazakhstan.

 In accordance with this MOU, CIP will recommend Kazakh students for admission to UST’s MA and PhD programs. Throughout the course of their studies, students will undergo field-based learning, with access to all the information, technology, and advanced research facilities and equipment that UST has to offer as a leading national institute.

 UST President Kil-Choo Moon stated that, through this MOU signing, he hopes both agencies will achieve mutual development by sharing their best practices in infrastructure and expanding projects for practical exchange and cooperation.