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UST Hosted 'Alumni Entrepreneurs' Night 2019'

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UST Hosted 'Alumni Entrepreneurs' Night 2019'의 대표사진

[Photograph: 'Alumni Entrepreneurs' Night 2019' group photo (center: UST President Kil-Choo Moon)]


UST Hosted 'Alumni Entrepreneurs' Night 2019'


 On Thursday, July 30 in Daejeon, University of Science and Technology (President Kil-Choo Moon, mentioned above) hosted 'Alumni Entrepreneurs' Night 2019'.


 This event was held so that UST entrepreneurs of alumni could share their experiences as alumni and spread UST entrepreneurial culture. This event was the beginning of an effort to revitalize UST entrepreneurial alumni network.


 Entrepreneur alumni, President Kil-Choo Moon, and others, including about 20 UST employees, participated in today’s event. Attendees were honored to have startup alumnus Young-Jin Kim, representative of Tesollo and selected by Forbes in April 2019 for its “Influential Leaders in Asia under 30” list, and Se-Hwa Hong, founder and Chief Strategy Office of BYROBOT, speak at the event.


 Attendees heard about how UST Alumni Foundation was started, an introduction to UST’s startup assistance program, and proposed revitalization measures. Se-Hwa Hong of BYROBOT shared how his company’s technology was founded and developed and about the difficulties and growth that he experienced.


 President Kil-Choo Moon said, “Based on the content of the discussions had at this event, we must reexamine UST’s startup assistance program for the many students enthusiastically thinking about starting their own businesses and to give them positive support so that they can do what they need to make it happen.”


 UST has helped develop the startups of 16 alumni since 2012 when it began its industry-academia collaboration as part of which it began strengthening its startup assistance. These alumni graduated in various majors from a number of different schools, including the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (“ETRI”), the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (“KITECH”), and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (“KIST”). With 'Alumni Entrepreneurs' Night 2019' as a start, UST is planning to push forward in invigorating its entrepreneur network by encouraging various types of events, including meetings between entrepreneur alumni and current students.