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Foreign Exchange Students Who Visited the Samsung Innovation Museum

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  • Registration Date : 2019-08-13
Foreign Exchange Students Who Visited the Samsung Innovation Museum의 대표사진

Foreign Exchange Students Who Visited the Samsung Innovation Museum


  On Thursday, August 8, 46 new students who joined University of Science and Technology, Korea (President Kil Choo Moon) in the latter part of 2019 visited the Samsung Innovation Museum located in Suwon to experience Korea’s technological advancement. Opened in April 2014, the Samsung Innovation Museum is the largest-scale domestic electronics industry museum displaying instances from the electronics industry’s history and of Samsung Electronics’ technological innovation.

 That day the gathered UST newly-admitted foreign students consisted of Vietnamese, Indian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Bangladeshi, and various other nationalities. These students currently at UST will participate in the “Fall 2019 UST Newcomers' Odyssey” targeted at new students which is carried out over 4 weeks and as part of which they will attend lectures on competency in research, basic science, Korean language, etc.

 UST professor Shang-Gyoo Shim, who planned this event, said, “It provides foreign study-abroad students to see for themselves and think meaningfully about the process of Korea’s growth in the fields of science and technology,” and, “Through the opportunity to take this tour I hope that the students will become more interested about Korea and that it will add to their study-abroad experience.”