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Alexey Andreanov


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과냉된 액체와 느린 다이나믹, 기하학을 충족시키지 못하는 시스템, 양자회전유리

Supercooled liquids and slow dynamics, Geometrically frustrated systems, Quantum spin glasses


-  A. Andreanov and P. A. McClarty/Order induced by dilution in pyrochlore XY antiferromagnets/Physical Review B/2015.02.02 -  Alexei Andreanov and Andrei A. Fedorenko/Localization of spin waves in disordered quantum rotors/Physical Review B/2014.07.28 -  A. Andreanov and M. Muller/Long-Range Quantum Ising Spin Glasses at T = 0: Gapless Collective Excitations and Universality/Physical Review Letters/2012.10.23

논문(최근 5년)

-  Extreme lattices: symmetries and decorrelation[JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL MECHANICS-THEORY AND EXPERIMENT,2016-11-10] -  Interacting ultracold atomic kicked rotors: dynamical localization[SCIENTIFIC REPORTS,2016-06-29] -  Compact localized states and flatband generators in one dimension[PHYSICAL REVIEW B,2016-12-16] -  Chiral Flat Bands: Existence, Engineering and Stability[PHYSICAL REVIEW B,2017-06-09] -  Artificial flat band systems: from lattice models to experiments[ADVANCES IN PHYSICS-X,2018-05-08] -  Necessary and sufficient conditions for flat bands in M-dimensional N-band lattices with complex-valued nearest-neighbour hopping[JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL,2018-10-03] -  Universal d=1 flatband generator from compact localized states[PHYSICAL REVIEW B,2019-03-18] -  Resonant frequencies and spatial correlations in frustrated arrays of Josephson type nonlinear oscillators[JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL,2019-02-08]

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Condensed matter theory at the nanoscale