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    KIST School

    • Web Site www.kist.re.kr
    • Contact Tel : 02-958-5114, Fax : 02-958-5478

    KIST is Korea’s premier multi-disciplinary research institute whose goal is to research, develop, and implement innovative technologies that will further develop national capacities in the science and technology fields. Currently, we are putting a special emphasis on convergence technologies that will potentially serve as the driving force for Korea’s future economic growth. KIST will continue to proactively foster partnerships among industry, universities, and research institutes through an open environment that promotes free exchanges of ideas and the realization of our researchers’ fullest potential. We are hard at work to make KIST an eminent global research institute that Korea can be proud of. KIST School, UST will be known as a place where dreams come true. I ask for your continued support and encouragement. Thank you.

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    KRIBB School


    Biotechnology can make the impossible possible and it is a new hope for the future. I warmly welcome all of you to the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology. KRIBB is the only government research institute dedicated to biotechnology research across a broad span of expertise, from basic studies for the fundamental understanding of life phenomena to applied studies such as new drug discovery, novel biomaterials, integrated biotechnology, and bioinformation. KRIBB will contribute to Korea’s economic development, people’s welfare and living. Thank you for your support and keen interest to KRIBB.

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    KRICT School

    Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology(KRICT) significantly contributes to the advancement of Korea’s chemical technology industry by developing chemical and convergence technologies, transferring technologies to the commercial sector and educating future professionals. Utilizing high-tech chemical infrastructure, KRICT helps solve social issues through the development of source technologies in such fields as high value added technology and medicine/bio technology. KRICT also offers various training programs to educate future professionals in the field of chemistry, the most notable being the UST-KRICT School. The UST-KRICT School offers a systematic educational approach centered around major and specialized fields of research. At the UST-KRICT School, students are provided with a skilled teaching faculty, cutting edge research facilities, a unique academic curriculum, student welfare programs, and more. Through this, the UST-KRICT School strives to foster global professionals equipped with both knowledge and practical skills, who will become the leaders of tomorrow’s chemical industry.

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    KICT School

    Construction technology is typical public technology that is applied to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of social infrastructures such as housing, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, and airports, all of which are indispensable to citizen’s daily lives. Futhermore, the economic and social effects are very great due to the large scale of construction work. Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology which is the only government-funded research institute in the field of construction in Korea contributes to the development of the national industry through various research facilities and outstanding researchers. In addition, UST-KICT School is committed to cultivate convergent and integrated type of talented people who respond to the rapidly changing global construction industry in the 21st century.

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    ETRI School


    [ETRI school will be started from spring semester 2018]Since its foundation in 1976, as the country's largest government-funded research institute specializing in information and communications technology, ETRI has played a central role in making Korea the world's most advanced information and communication powerhouse. Through the years, ETRI has developed the Electronic Telephone Switch(TDX) to pave the way for the one-phone, one-household era, the 4M/16M/64M DRAM to revolutionize memory semiconductors, commercialization of the Digital Mobile Telecommunications System(CDMA) to lay the foundation for Korea's emergence as a mobile phone powerhouse, the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting(terrestrial DMB) technology to institutionalize the TV in my hand culture, WiBro technology for mobile Internet, and NoLA technology for the 4th-generation mobile data transfer system. Guided by its vision of The World's Best Leader in Human Technology, ETRI strives to develop new technologies in this era of digital convergence wherein technologies, industries, services, and networks converge and combine so that humankind can lead a safer, and more pleasant, and convenient life. bguilding on our successes through the years, we vow to continue exerting our best efforts as the leading institute for national research and development so that Korea can secure its place among advanced countries. Thank you.